Working together is a bit like dating. Sometimes it’s a good match, and sometimes it’s not. If the following features are appealing to you, chances are high that we’ll have good chemistry. 

We like long-term relationships. We like to work with you on more than just one project. That way, we can ensure that your visual identity is consistently applied across all of your marketing communications. Inconsistency dilutes the effectiveness of communications, and the integrity of the brand. A unified image, on the other hand, absolutely enhances a strong brand.

We like clients who value good design. In other words, clients who are willing to make the investment in having their branding done professionally.

We like constructive feedback. We listen carefully to your directions, opinions, suggestions, and critiques—and we take everything you say into serious consideration. Because nobody knows how to do what you do like you do!

We like clients who trust our expertise. Feedback is crucial, but some clients (not you, of course!) try to micromanage every little decision, gathering opinions from colleagues and even relatives—and that almost never yields positive results. So we strongly encourage clients to trust us, not Debbie in Accounting or cousin Billy Bob.

We like easy-to-get-along-with clients. But sometimes crazy-ass clients can be fun too!

We like do-gooder clients. Or at least clients who “do no harm.” (See Good Works.)