We often get inquiries from businesses and other organizations who have not previously purchased graphic design services, and thus are not familiar with the market. If you fit that description, the following summary might be useful.

Roughly speaking, there are three levels of graphic design pricing, which we have conveniently broken down for you here (using admittedly biased terminology):

Lowball  (students, freelancers, bargain online shops, crowd sourcing)

At this low priced level, you’ll get offers like no money upfront, designs in 24 hours, unlimited revisions, etc. These might be college students who are trying to build their portfolios, or maybe just some guy or gal with a Mac. The quality ranges from excellent to awful, but if you’re on an extremely limited budget, it might be worth the gamble.

Happy Medium (smaller design firms)

Here you get experienced freelancers and small studios like Graphic Granola. The designers in this category are usually veterans of big agencies and studios, so one major advantage is that you get big agency experience without paying the big agency price. You also get the advantage of communicating directly to the creative team working on your project, instead of going through the layers of bureaucracy typical of larger agencies.

Sky High (larger design and advertising firms)

This higher priced tier consists of advertising agencies and large design studios. With an ad agency, you’ll be assigned an Account Executive who serves as your liaison to the design department. The agency might also have separate departments for marketing research, media buying, broadcast production, etc.

All three pricing levels have their merits. It’s all about finding which is the right fit for your business and/or project.