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Vintage SEDL Vinyl

A long time ago, we did a small job for the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory — or SEDL, as it’s officially called now. Back then, they were in an old building downtown, but now they’re in a very mod place … Continue reading

Drills or Holes?

Not long ago, the Harvard Business Review published a series of roundtable discussions about the green revolution and its implications for marketing. Steve Bishop, of the design consultancy IDEO, had a provocative article on the problems of marketing to the … Continue reading

From The Vault: Graphic Granola Radio Spot


Click here to listen to our 60-second radio spot for FirstCare Health Plans (an HMO). Scriptwriter David apparently thought the phrase “how cool is that!” was how all the hip schoolkids talked back then. Maybe it was. The young actress, … Continue reading

“Human Directionals”


“Alright everybody, really look alive out there. This could be a launching pad for you. People who hold signs go on to hold many things.” —Scene from Flight of the Conchords, in which Brett gets a job as a Human … Continue reading

Market Segmentation for Obama


Say what you will about President Barack Obama’s politics, Obama throws a damn good campaign. With tight graphics. One thing we noticed during the 2008 campaign is that the campaign buttons cast a wide net with their market segmentation. Well, … Continue reading

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