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The power of great photography


Often times we design beautiful brochure and websites for folks, only to find that the photography we are given leaves something to be desired. The power of great photography cannot be understated. It is what draws people in, makes them engage with your brand and pay attention to your message.

Moral of the story: great custom photography is worth the investment!

Here are two nice examples:

Love and Lemons—This a beautiful site designed, photographed, curated and authored by an amazing, local friend, Jeanine Donofrio (and her husband, Jack). Thanks to not only a great design, but to-die-for photos of her food creations, her blog had gone from birth to Glamor and Bon Appétit in under a year. Photo credit: Jack Matthews and Jenine Donofrio


Tiny Pies—We’re actually responsible for this sweet little site (literally). To her credit, co-owner and baker Amanda Wadsworth, recognized that great photography would not only  capture the soul of her product, but would also sell her product. Don’t get us wrong, Tiny Pies are amazingly tasty—if you’d have a try you’d be smitten. The trick is getting people to try them….and the photos are the hook. In thier first year of operation, Tiny Pies has gone from home kitchen to the Austin Food Festival and catering multiple weddings a weekend! Photo credit: Jody Horton 

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