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My newest obsession: Pinterest (by Kelly)

Kelly's Pinterest obsession

I wouldn’t call myself an early adopter, but I do dabble in the newest shiny digital pass time. For example, it took me a year of hearing hyped-up buzz to get interested enough to explore Twitter. But once I did, I was addicted for a good, solid 9 months. Daily check-ins, trying to read every last post, following crude humorists, following other design firms, following progressive causes and a few scattered friends. Daily posts, daily forwards, #hashtags and #FollowFridays. Then just as suddenly as it began, I lost interest. Ditched Twitter to play with my “friends” on Facebook. I’ve piddled with Stumble Upon, playlist with Spotify, adore Pandora. Hell, I even set up my Google+ account, where it sits dormant and lonely.

But, oh my lovely, Pinterest! I so adore thee. It cheers my mood, brightens my day and boosts my soul. In my experience, it’s one big appreciation fest. As a visual creature, I love perusing pages upon pages of various imagery, sifting and sorting and commenting and liking. I equate my 65 Pinterest boards to visual hoarding. Anything that tickles my fancy, I categorize and pin to my boards. And much like Twitter, I follow other Pinners or Boards which share my interests.

What do I pin, you ask? Well, naturally, there’s gobs of design and advertising related boards (tasty typography, bewitching branding, choice color combos, etc.). But I also have a treasure trove of pop culture items pulled to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, both in professional and personal flavor (boards: Birthday Bumps, postable pop, words of wisdom). Speaking of personal flavor, I also have boards dedicated to my snarky sense of humor (board: bizarre-ness), progressive activism (board: rEVOLUTION), nesting (board: home haven), personal style (boards: nice hair, my style), desires (Wanna. Go. There., wondrous wants, if I were younger…), and, yes, of course, recipes (board: nom-nom-nom!).

When I have a new design project, screw looking at annuals or idea books. That’s old school. Now I just brainstorm on Pinterest. I can explore content, design style, formats, or anything I can dream up. If the Pinterest community doesn’t deliver, I venture out on the web, exploring images which inspire me, and simply pin them to my Pinterest boards and introduce them to the entire Pinterest community.

One of the most positive benefits I get from Pinterest, is that in the act of perusing and choosing whatever delights me, I’ve discovered a form of appreciation therapy. I’m always feeling happy and uplifted after a pinning session. If you haven’t already discovered it, the act of appreciating is an easy-peasy vibe lifter. And if, on the rare occasion, my pissy mood persists, you can bet my pins show it. They just get a little snarkier than usual. But generally, I adore sifting through imagery and building my own virtual swipe files for life.

If you’re a fellow pinner, I’d love to check out your boards. We do have an official Graphic Granola Pinterest account, but we use that primarily for client mood boards:  If you happen to be more adventurous (and not easily offended), you can follow my boards, and I’ll certainly check out your boards as well: Here’s to Pinterest, for promoting play, sharing and appreciation.

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