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Dahlia Green Cleaning Graduation


Austin—meet Dahlia—your first cooperative (and green) cleaning business!

Dahlia Green Cleaning Services is the latest worker-owned business to graduate from the Cooperative Business Institute, a training program offered by Cooperation Texas, a local organization dedicated to the development, support and promotion of worker-owned businesses, a.k.a. CO-OPs.

Please help us celebrate their graduation as well as their launch into the real world! Event details here!

We’re especially proud of Dahlia, as Christie led the marketing and branding workshops for the program. After going through some super fun naming and brain storming sessions, Dahlia also asked us to do their logo, which you can see above!

Their site is not launched yet, but please check back to find out their cleaning service rates:

Here’s a little video explaining more about what worker-cooperatives are about:

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