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Get dirty at Camp Design Build Adventure this June!


Sounds like fun, eh? Well it is! And you can do it too—this June 5-8.

Last year, our Art Director, Christie, attended this amazing workshop out in Marfa, TX, where attendee’s were given a design-build problem to solve, then make come to life—all in less than a week.

Working with the Marfa-based Dersu Collective, the inaugural camp last summer was tasked with creating a shade structure for a new park area, called East Side Play. The result was a lovely kid-sized, pirate-ship-like structure with accompanying seating area, built from almost all reclaimed materials (see above). All of Camp DBA’s projects seek to take inspiration from and improve the local community.

Founder, Jack Sanders, has been holding these design-build workshops in Marfa every 6 months (at least so far), so if you can’t make it to camp this June, be sure to keep up with DBA and get your hands dirty.

And don’t worry if you’re not a builder, architect or designer—this is for anyone who wants a creative re-boot…or just a farmers tan.

Check out all the details HERE.

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