The Crunch

Dave’s Visit to Walmart


So I went to the new Northcross Walmart the other day. But thanks to the grassroots political action of Responsible Growth for Northcross (RG4N), this Walmart is not nearly the monstrosity that it was meant to be. Instead of being the biggest Walmart in the USA, it is merely half the size as originally planned. There’s some decent landscaping around the parking lot, and the architecture is not hideous. (The interior decor, awash in blinding periwinkle blue, is ugly as hell — but nobody’s forcing you to go INSIDE!) As for the feared teeming masses of Walmart shoppers, it’s actually a lot less congested than the typical HEB. And with the flagpole at one end of the building, it kinda reminds me of a federal building. So, what is the takeaway of all this? Well, it proves that a small group of concerned citizens with no budget can affect the behavior of the world’s biggest and richest corporation. And it teaches us that politics is a lot more than just casting a vote every now and then.

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