The Crunch

Customer Service With a Saw


For about a month, there has been a big broken limb hanging from a big tree in my front yard, too high for me to reach with a saw. It’s a menace because it hangs over the curb where I usually park my car, so I haven’t been able to park there, fearing that the big limb will eventually fall and crush my car. Well, after arriving home a few days ago, I noticed that the limb had been cut down and sawed into manageable pieces. I assume the free tree-trimming was compliments of Fred’s Tree Service (not the actual name), because I also noticed that their hangtag was on my front door. That was a really smart thing for them to do, because if I do decide to hire a tree trimmer, I will definitely call the folks who (apparently) did me the big favor of making my parking space safe again. These days, “customer service” is usually just lip-service (or worse), so actually performing some REAL customer service (like cutting down that limb for free) can be an effective way to differentiate your enterprise at very little cost. Plus, it’s just a nice thing to do.

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