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Baby Greens & The Art Abundance Project joins gg client roster

baby greens

graphic granola has been attracting some perfectly aligned clients. Baby Greens restaurant is known for for tasty, healthy fast food salads & wraps at their South side (1st street & Oltorf) location. We’re huge fans! So we were happy to learn that BG is growing and expanding into 2 new locations. One new location is imminently opening in north Austin and another will be opening downtown. Not only that, but Sharon is offering even more delectables to their menu. Now you can add steak to any salad, two new signature salads make their debut, soup of the day is served, and a roll comes with every salad. In preparation for all this growth, BG has hired GG to oversee establishing their visual brand identity. Everything from color palette to menu boards will take on a Baby Green’s vibe.

We’ve also attracted a fellow law-of-attraction, conscious creator client, the Art Abundance Project (AAP). AAP’s mission is to produce & deliver stunning works of art and art products which create change and generate joy. The art work uses cromotherapy (color therapy), ancient eastern art of placement principles and highly affirmative symbolism to act as a potent energetic trigger on the consciousness of the viewer, which aligns itself to the vibration of the art and rapidly begins to attract and manifest great things in their lives. Each work incorporates a specific affirmative form, use of color and balance of ‘elements’ (air, fire, water, earth, wood and metal) that work to vibrationally attract prosperity, wealth, love, beauty, balance, romance, success, emotional release, health, energy etc. Each work has a different ‘drawing energy’ which is subtley affected by the specific placement in the environment (i.e. the works designed to attract romance will be more powerful when placed in southwestern corner of the room or building etc). GG will be developing the Art Abundance Project’s branding with logo & collateral and expanding that to their web presence. We’ll post the new URL once we’re launched.

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