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gg wins AIGA Goth Bowl costume trophy


graphic granola & friends* took home Goth Bowl’s coveted bowling pin trophy Thursday night, 5/22/08, at AIGA-Austin’s Goth Bowl event. Designers bowling in dark costumery to the gothy sounds of Bauhaus and other purveyors of musical gloom. Our winning costume concept consisted of walking zombie suicide victims with various self-inflicted wounds. We crafted team T-shirts and called ourselves…(drum roll please)…


OK, OK, it’s an inside joke. Something only aging graphic designers would pick up on. For those not in the know, Rick Tharp was a San Francisco designer who achieved designer rock-star status with his oddly-named studio, “Tharp Did It.” Possessed with a twisted sense of humor, his official business card described his work as “poodle grooming, repair and taxidermy.” Well, long story short, Tharp ended up committing suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. So, in an admittedly tasteless tribute, we dressed up as suicides and called ourselves THARP DID IT. As one Goth Bowl Judge exclaimed: “It’s so WRONG that it’s RIGHT.”

By the way, we hate to brag, but this IS our second time to win. A few years ago, we united as “LARRY TATE’S HAIR” and bagged the first place trophy at the Disko Bowl.

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