The Crunch

Happy 2008!


At graphic granola we’re welcoming in the new year with all kinds of new-isms. We’ve got a new office in an historic house in Hyde Park that we share with other creative types. (There are still a couple of rentable workstations available for freelancers.) We’ve added David “DC” Clark to our staff as our resident designer/shredder. (You’ll have to ask him about the shredder part; probably has something to do with surfing or skateboarding). And, of course, we’ve got a new website presence. Complete with a consistently updated portfolio, a news area (to keep you in-the-know), and a blog (aka The Crunch) where we get to publicly opine and ponder upon various things. So be sure to check out our new virtual home, and come back around often to see what’s up. You never know what surprising things await your return! Happy 2008 to everyone. -KB

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